Linking Learners to Employment

Literacy Link Niagara in partnership with the Adult Basic Education Association presented a workshop in the Fall of 2014 titled:

Labour Market Information for LBS and Employment Services Practitioners – Linking Learners to Employment”.

The workshop presented a variety of well researched tools and strategies to help you to help your learner. Following are links to the resources that were part of that workshop:

LMI 1-Tool-LMI for LBS Practitioners – Phase II

LMI 2-Tool-LMIPoster (1)

LMI 3-ESTool-Information&ReferralTool-LBS-ES

LMI 4-ESTool-READKit-Fillable

LMI 5-LBSTool-EmploymentGoalTracker-Digital

LMI 6-LBSTool-EmploymentGoalTracker-Hardcopy

LMI 7-Training-LMICase Studies