Roles & Responsibilities of the Board and the Executive Director

Executive Director

  • Human Resources for all staff
  • Commit to expenditures on behalf of the board for less than 1 year. Any expenses that result in a financial commitment of the organization beyond 1 year must be approved by the board prior to commitment.
  • No single purchase, lease or commitment shall be made with the same supplier for an amount exceeding $5,000
  • All reports for the board meeting to be submitted at least one week prior to the meeting. Reports include ED Report, Agenda, Minutes, etc.
  • All funding requirements must be met by due dates
  • Regular communication via email
  • Compliance with all laws and acts as required by the organization


  • Human Resources issues relating to the Executive Director
  • Consideration of items outside of limits set by Executive Director
  • Final decision on organizational projects, partnership & funding applications
  • Receive and respond to communication to/from board, staff and community in a timely manner
  • Responsible for accountability and accessibility of all property, both intellectual and physical for the organization
  • Perform due diligence of activities of organization with notice to staff. Internal Audit performed at least once per year.
  • Comply with Privacy Act as related to Board activities and organizational activities