Literacy Link Niagara (LLN) received funding to review the role of frontline practitioners in assisting lower-skilled clients in moving towards employment, including the identification of tools and supports that frontline practitioners need. To complete this project, LLN is taking a community action-research approach. LLN staff will connect with both practitioners and learners to identify the types of tools that will best support these transitions. This project is one strategy of several being researched by adult regional literacy networks in Ontario. The collection of these projects is called the “Coordinating to Bring Low Literacy and Marginalized Clients Employment” project and is coordinated by Literacy Link South Central.

As part of the project, LLN created job profiles for literacy learners using data from and the Niagara Workforce Planning Board.  These jobs have fair to good prospects in the next 5-10 years.  They require varying levels of education to appeal to different audiences.

Labour Market Project – Strategy 10 report


Focus Group 1 – May 7, 2013 – Responses

Notes Sept 24 One Goal consultation

Working with Learner Focus Groups

Notes from Learner Focus Groups