The Niagara Employment Network (NEN) connects Niagara’s agencies serving unemployed people.

NEN members share information and resources and identify common issues.  NEN acts as a catalyst for change and collaboration and as a forum for professional development.

June 2016 NEN Meeting Presentations

Niagara Prosperity Initiative and the Niagara Poverty Reduction Network – presented by Marc Todd   Niagara Employment Network NPI – June 2016

CLARS – presented by Monique Van der Leden  CLARS

Canada Learning Bond – presented by Judy Sobchak  CLB Presentation to Public Health and Community Partners

Contact north Update – presented by Chris Mccrum   2016 NEN primary_ppt_presentation_-_for_in-person_presentations_4

April 2016 NEN Meeting REAL Work presentation Real Work NEN Presentation

The Summer 2013 issue of Niagara Works is now available, download it here:

Niagara Works Summer 2013