Literacy Facts

In Canada:

  • almost 50% of Canadian adults can’t work well with words and numbers
  • learning disabilities affect at least 10% of Canadians
  • children of parents who have not graduated from high school are twice as likely to live in poverty as those whose parents graduated
  • people with literacy problems have only 2/3 of the income of other adults
  • 48% of all Canadian adults fall into the lowest two reading levels
  • the unemployment rate for people at the lowest literacy level is 26%, compared with 4% for those at the highest literacy levels

Mission & Vision


To connect, communicate and collaborate within the community to create literacy opportunities for adults.


A Niagara where all adults have the essential literacy and basic skills they need to prosper in the community.


  1. Put learners first.
  2. Provide high quality, effective services.
  3. Treat all people with dignity, respect and care.
  4. Act with integrity, honesty and compassion.
  5. Foster co-operation.
  6. Support lifelong learning.
  7. Be accountable and transparent.
  8. Be creative.
  9. Be accessible.