Literacy Service Plan meeting
For program managers and organizational leaders – Thursday, May 16, 9-10:30am

Common Frontline group meeting
For instructors and learner-facing support staff – Thursday, May 16, 1-3pm

Please contact for more information.

Skills for Success Communities of Practice
There are several meetings plan for Communities of Practice related to Skills for Success Initiative areas. Some meetings may be intended for different audiences. If you are interested in joining a Community of Practice, please contact the CoP lead:

  • Better Jobs Ontario – Sara Gill,
  • Underrepresented Groups – Lisa Ambaye,
  • Workplace Literacy – Tamara Kaattari,
  • Apprenticeship – Mathew Shulman,

Pop-up PD for Literacy & Basic Skills Educators 

Recordings of past webinars and slide decks are available at:

  • “CaMS Report 61: How to Understand and Use Your Data”
  • Milestones & Culminating Tasks
  • Integrating LBS Learners to Other Systems
  • Transitioning ESL Learners to LBS
  • Dealing with Change