Brenda Vandersluys – Chair
Owner, Dobbie’s Florist

Oraine DeRosa – Secretary
Self Employed Business Consultant

Roxanne Nelson
Niagara Region Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities Supervisor

Pam Agostino
Adult Educator

Branne Plitnikas
Adult Educator

Mark Richardson
City of Niagara Falls

Ailsa Wylie

Literacy Link Niagara (LLN) operates within a Policy Governance model. The Board of Directors governs the organization with a template of policies that relate to four areas of governance –

a)   Governance Process: How the board is structured, and how it governs, behaves and monitors itself

b)   Executive Limitations: The parameters within which the Executive Director (ED) can act and make decisions

c)   Board-Staff Relationships: How the board and staff link through the ED, and

d)   Ends: The outcomes and end results that the organization wishes to achieve.

These policies, along with the organization’s by-laws, values, mission and vision statements form the governing principles of the organization. Policies are reviewed at least once a year. The ED is responsible for reporting on Executive Limitations and Ends Policies and the Board is responsible for reporting on Governance Process and Board-Staff Relationship policies.

The reporting frequency and monitoring process are detailed in the annual board calendar.

Operational policies and procedures, including Human Resources, are developed, implemented and monitored by the ED and are separate from these governing policies.

Moral Ownership Statement of Literacy Link Niagara (approved November 28, 2011)

The Moral Ownership is the one stakeholder of the organization, above all others, whose right and interests comes first as the board governs.

LLN’s moral ownership is “the adult literacy and basic skills programs within the Niagara community.”

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If you are interested in joining the board, please contact Gay Douglas Broerse, Co-Executive Director via email at or by phone at 905-401-5380.